Panasonic hc-v720m инструкция

panasonic hc-v720m инструкция
Since this camcorder lacks the feature set of more expensive models, the body itself is relatively sparse. Unlike the V700, a V720M version with internal flash memory isn’t yet available in the U.S., meaning an SD card is your only means of storing footage. If you pick up a V720M outside our territory, we do expect performance to be exactly the same. The physically identical predecessor to Panasonic HC-V770K is the largest we tested—but that’s still not what you’d call huge. At 2.6 by 2.9 by 5.5 inches (about the size of a flashlight) and 13.8 ounces with our battery and SD card, it’ll fit into your coat without any struggling. This was the case across the board in most of our tests: the video from the Panasonic looked more realistic, had more accurate color, and smoother motion. Wireless broadcasting via Ustream is also supported, though it too requires the cumbersome direct WiFi setup. They have identical specs, the same sensor, the same lens, the whole nine yards. So whichever one you can get for a lower cost is the one you should get. So what exactly is the difference between the two?

Как и во всех прежних моделях, прогрессивная съемка в интервальной режиме невозможна. Видео, 700 люкс Видео, 700 люкс Видео, 260 люкс Видео, 260 люкс Видео, 20 люкс Видео, 20 люкс Видео, 5 люкс Видео, 5 люкс Видео, <1 люкс Видео, <1 люкс (усиление 9 дБ) Пусть читателя не смущают цветовые нюансы последнего стоп-кадра. The ability to capture 5.1-channel sound definitely added to the realism of the video. Blurry video and jerky movements are not a look you want at a ballet recital. Our MP4 test footage also didn't play back so smoothly, as the file sizes can be quite enormous.
While none of these features get their own convenient physical keys, a quick visit to the function menu will reveal soft buttons for focus distance, white balance, shutter speed, and aperture iris. Разве что уменьшился светодиод, который используется в качестве лампы подсветки. Но уменьшился лишь в размерах, став овальным, и без того высокая яркость при этом осталась прежней — на работающую лампу смотреть просто невозможно. There’s no built in memory, but there is an SD card slot. A 16GB card holds about 83 minutes of top quality 1080p60 footage and the battery can run for about 75 minutes on a full charge. You might have spotted that this is actually more pixels than the sensor has to offer, and five times the quoted effective quantity. So the top still image resolution will entail interpolation, and won’t have the same quality as the HC-X920 has to offer.

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