Инструкция для камеры panasonic rx10

For instance, I could have left the shutter at 1/1000 and increased the ISO to get the same result. During playback the FZ200 offers three views, one clean, one with basic shooting info and a third with more shooting information and, if enabled in the menus, a brightness histogram. Find out now in our in-depth Sony RX10 II review! There’s an on-screen distance scale and the magnified view lets you nail the focus most times, but sadly there’s no focus peaking available. Sony uses the black bars to position shooting details.

The closest alternatives were a long-zoom whose image quality was crippled by its smaller sensor size, or an interchangeable-lens camera which couldn’t compete on size and weight — at least not if you wanted the same focal length range and bright f/2.8 constant aperture. The mechanical zoom ring is a joy, the simplicity of handling once you appreciate how it should be used and particularly the 1080p mode are a pleasure. The RX10 also sports a dedicated aperture ring around the barrel and a dedicated exposure compensation dial on the upper surface; the latter is handy, but I often found it could turn a little when removing the camera from a tight bag. Where the Sony RX10 and RX10 II shared the same 24-200mm-equivalent optic, the RX10 III opts for a much more powerful 24-600mm zoom with f/2.4-4 maximum aperture across the zoom range. Unfortunately it won’t record HD to CFast cards so you end up having to keep an SD card in the slot for 1080p. This way at least if you only want to shoot 1080p, you don’t have to indulge in expensive CFast cards!
When their native images are resized to the same size for reproduction above, the STYLUS 1 enjoys the advantage of a 50% longer effective focal length, but this doesn’t take resolution and potential to crop into account. The RX10 sports a nicely textured rubber coating around the grip like a higher-end DSLR, which coupled with its heft gives it the most confident feeling in your hands. This means super fast AF to quickly establish focus on a moving subject, focusing and zooming right up to the moment you hit record, one button to record and an instantaneous capture of 240fps video.

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