Блендеру kenwood bl650 инструкция

блендеру kenwood bl650 инструкция
This food system comes with a user manual and cookbook with simple techniques to make healthy baby food. It also includes a pocket nutritionist that lets you plan a healthy diet for your child. Page 37 Vask for hånd og tørk dem. service og kundetjeneste Hvis ledningen er skadet, må den, av sikkerhetsmessige grunner, erstattes av KENWOOD eller en autorisert KENWOOD-reparatør. This Ninja has three times the wattage and is powerful, as promised. Важно » «… Page 58 Если уплотнение имеет повреждения или неправильно установлено, это может привести к протечкам. Keep your filter out any fibrous or hand over the opening. Some of the best blenders are Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet.

Hvis du trenger hjelp til å bruke maskinen bestille annet tilbehør ta kontakt med din forhandler. Ninja® Total Crushing™ blades give you perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. top reviews Pollock1 — May 12, 2017 Item was received in a timely manner. Hvis man har brug for hjælp med: brug af maskinen eller service, reservedele eller reparationer kontakt den forretning, hvor maskinen er købt. Utilizzare l’apparecchio solo per l’uso domestico per cui è stato realizzato.

This set seemed to be the best option. Kenwood kan niet aansprakelijk worden gesteld in het geval dat het apparaat niet correct is gebruikt, of waar deze instructies niet worden opgevolgd. Hinweise zur: Verwendung Ihres Kenwood Gerätes Wartung oder Reparatur Bitte setzen Sie sich mit Ihrem Händler in Verbindung, bei dem Sie… Page 17: Italiano Sorvegliare i bambini, assicurandosi che non giochino con l’apparecchio. Jos tarvitset apua laitteen käyttämisessä tai laitteen huolto- tai korjaustöissä, ota yhteys laitteen ostopaikkaan. Teräosa vuotaa, jos tiiviste on vaurioitunut tai sitä ei ole asennettu oikein. 2 Tartu teräyksikön alaosaan kiinnitä terät kannuun. How awesome is that?! In terms of pricing this model is similar to the Vitamix, so again it’s not for everyone – but it’s absolutely worth looking at if you’re looking to make a big investment.

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