Инструкция на програмы аристон margarita snella

Katan, David (1997). “L’importanza della cultura nella traduzione”. Margherita Ulrych (a cura di) (1997). Tradurre. Un approccio multidisciplinare. Regarding translations from Italian into German (fig. 5) we note that in about half of the manuals infinitives are transformed into imperatives. This can result in poor wash results as described in the following article washer not heating up waterNotice that most of the causes for a washing machine not washing properly are not actual faults on the machine so it’s definitely worth properly checking out all these explanations. The quality of the German translations in our corpus appears at times to be compromised by cases of intercultural interference which could be avoided, if translators were trained better. Our Italian text corpus contains many examples of these characteristics and their influence on German translations.

Una ricerca sui manuali di istruzione per l’uso. Rapallo. (consulted 10.12.2008) IMETEC S.p.A. (year unknown [2003]). Istruzioni ed Avvertenze — Tostapane — IMETEC. Azzano S. Paolo (Bergamo). Isomac s.r.l. (year unknown). Relax automatica — manuale d’uso e manutenzione. Fabriano. /ariston/ (consulted 10.12.2008) — (year unknown c [1993]). Ariston — Scaldabagno gas istantaneo — Mod. ARD 5 – ARD 5C – ARD 10 – ARD 13 – ARD 16. Fabriano. — (year unknown d). Istruzioni per l’uso — Lavabiancheria — AVXD 109 — Ariston.
Может быть неприятный запах из стиральной машины / холодильника при использовании- в ремонт! Treviso. Di Blasi industriale (year unknown). Bicicletta pieghevole Mod. R4 – Istruzioni per l’uso. Ellwangen-Neunheim. ELWEMA GmbH Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau (2002). Manuale di installazione, uso e manutenzione – No. 1 modulo a CNC per piantaggio anelli e guide.

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