Sharepoint 2010 products configuration wizard подробная инструкция

Например, если я копирую файлы в репозиторий, в которых я исправил ошибку, то я сразу хочу сделать отметку об этом в отчете. TFS, установленная в “Basic” конфигурации, позволяет делать все, что было описано выше. Mistake #4: Using an Incorrect URL when Creating a Content Web App Like any relationship, SharePoint and Microsoft IIS have communication problems from time to time. Takes the following optional parameters: [-provision] Provisions the SharePoint Central Administration Web application on this server.

Например, во многих компаниях хорошей практикой является создание ежедневных сборок. Because SharePoint didn’t write any additional URLs to IIS when they were created, it won’t write them to any new SharePoint servers that are added to the farm. Figure 2 shows multiple W3WP.exe processes running as sp_webapps, the result of web apps running in separate application pools. We’ve all experienced SharePoint slowing first thing in the morning because the app pools recycle overnight and need to warm up and cache that content again. Either sign in to the Azure portal and find it there, or right-click the project in Visual Studio, and let it take you there. Под узлами факультетов мы разместим в иерархической структуре узлы кафедр, обеспечивающих защищенную совместную работу и совместное использование файлов. You can also use the steps that I describe in «How to create a SharePoint 2010 admin account and stop using sp_farm» to give an account the correct permissions to administrate SharePoint, without needing to use another highly privileged account.
You also lose the ability to audit who made which changes. Свойства и возможностиИнструментарий MAP Toolkit обеспечивает проведение без использования программ-агентов надежной инвентаризации всей сети организации независимо от ее размера. Just follow the instructions here, and your SharePoint farm will be tip-top in no time. Most settings can be changed in Central Administration. If you made any changes to the web.config file of the original web app, now is the time to copy those changes to the newly created web.config file. While you’re adding drive space to your machine, consider adding a secondary drive as well.

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