Инструкция winchester sx3 combo

инструкция winchester sx3 combo
Bristles could break off and lodge in the threads, making installation and removal of choke tubes difficult. 2. Regularly remove your firearm’s choke tube in order to clean and oil the threads inside the barrel, as well as on the choke tube itself. Wood stocked shotguns come with a l A» thick spacer installed. Make sure the patch is large enough for a snug fit in the bore. Immediately put the safety in the «on safe» position (with the red warning ring hidden) until you are ready to fire again. 4. You may fire until the magazine is empty. Remember, «total capacity» includes an additional shell which can be loaded manually in the chamber in addition to a full magazine. When both screws are free, remove the recoil pad. 22 3. Add or subtract spacers to fit your firearm to your specifications (Figure 16). After making an adjustment hold the shotgun to your shoulder to determine if the new length feels comfortable.

Изготовление машинным способом качественных стволов «парадокс» доказывает, что сверловка такой системы перспективна, особенно в одноствольных ружьях. Калибр ружья предпочтительней 12х76 мм. В целях безопасности в ружьях с подствольным трубчатым магазином при снаряжении патронов не используются пули с острой формой головной части, выступающей из гильзы. You can also confirm this by pulling back a bit on the operating handle. Another feature I’ve come to appreciate is the quick cycling speed of the action. It’s so fast that you don’t get that “clunk-clunk” sensation of the bolt moving back and forth in front of your face as you do with with some other autoloaders. The conversion chart includes both lead and steel shot information. Ружье охотничье Benelli Supervinci Black 12 кал.30″.Фото с сайта .

They also moved the balance point of the shotgun further forward. Likewise, the bolt has only three main parts and removes easily. Поэтому возлагать на такое оружие преимущественную стрельбу пулей не стоит. КУДА СМОТРЕТЬ? Сегодня мода на специализированные прицелы достигла небывалых высот. Many safeties merely block the trigger and prevent firing by pulling the trigger. Carefully guide the bolt slide link into its socket in the recoil spring follower.

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