Инструкция по установке apexi s afc 2

инструкция по установке apexi s afc 2
Just Chevy Trucks converted the harness for us, removing unnecessary items, and flashing the computer for those changes. Building a street/track monster doesn’t happen overnight either. Another option is to use an external mounted pump, but you will have to install some sort of sump to suck up fuel. They were all clearly marked, making an easy installation.

There are several companies that make conversion plates as well, so you can utilize a traditional small-block motor mount in place of the LS motor mount. But with the external pump setup, we needed a sump to make sure we don’t ever starve the pump of fuel. With that being said, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of all automotive things mechanical. The LC-2’s patented award-winning DirectDigital™ signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load.

Have your passenger or data-logging meter record the varying air-to-fuel ratios across the entire rpm band. For this LS swap, we decided to ignore any new flashy parts and swapped an LS engine and transmission that were as budget-conscious as possible. Accessories The last thing to consider are the engine accessories themselves. Once you have done everything you have these diseases. Hold the car at the rpm that you are going to set. Normally, when you install such a sump, you’d install it near the rear of the car.

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