Инструкция для sonoline c1

After a minute without a signal, the device will automatically power off. What do customers buy after viewing this item? You can buy pocket fetal doppler, sonoline b fetal doppler which are portable and easy to operate. Do not have to worry about the effects of these fetal doppler and baby sound a fetal doppler because provides many fetal doppler images with dedicated craft. Functional and efficient – For ease of use, this device shows you the fetal heart rate values, it also includes a bar graph with a heartbeat waveform color screen display. In addition, it alarms when the fetal heart rate range is out of the normal range. Please allow JavaScript This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. Gives you peace of mind – this device allows you to monitor your baby’s heartbeat for a more confident and safe pregnancy.

Contec Pocket Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Beat Pregnancy FHR Fetus 3M Probe C or Contec Sonoline C1 is designed to help you achieve this. If you want to get your Contec Sonoline C1, you can get it here. Suitable for use from about 12 weeks, it’s a completely safe way to listen to your unborn baby’s heart rate. Get an alert with the newest ads for gates, monitors, safety in Barrie. This pocket fetal Doppler is a handheld obstetrical unit, which proves efficient for the hospital, clinic, and home use. The louspeaker has excellent sound quality and means you don’t need headphones for the device. The headphone/ recorder socket allows you to record your baby’s heartbeat onto a suitable recording device to share with your family and keep for the future.

Contec Sonoline C1 is everything you need for a more confident and safer pregnancy. Expectant moms can use this device for self-checking or monitoring of their baby’s heartbeat. Желаю вам побольше клиентов в Новом году! Вы дарите нам спокойствие!!!P.s. Срок 15 недель. Ultrasonic Medical Doppler Baby Heart Monitor Sonoline C 2mhz /3mhz Fetal Doppler Home & Hospital Use Baby Heart Monitor Color Display Sonoline Fetal Doppler Pocket Fetal Doppler From E_health, $86.43| Source the wholesale sonoline fetal doppler at a cheapest price? offers you whatever you want.

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