Инструкция brother lock 640d

инструкция brother lock 640d
Let me know if you have any more questions. We look forward to serving your equipment needs.Thanks,Annette Douthat. Brother Sewing Machine Instruction And Service Manuals Click here for terms and download information. These may seem cumbersome at first glance, but you’ll soon find that these quickly become second nature. Компания Brother предложила совершенно новый подход к машинной вышивке! Для выполнения широкого шва нужно снять правую иглу, а для узкого левую.

Unless you’ll be only hemming flat items, go for a machine with a free arm. Wave a thin object (such as a metal loop turner or ruler) between the foot and the feed dogs, pulling the needle threads toward you. Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure – This allows the presser foot to be closer or further away from the machine bed, and (along with a differential feed) can be a lifesaver for correcting wavy hems. Since this machine has already been adjusted to a pressure suitable for light to medium fabrics, no further adjustment is necessary except when sewing on very heavy or very light materials. From the reverse, look for a little loop of needle thread at the base of each stitch, and pull with a pin. Or if it’s in a hidden area, just cut these close to the fabric, as the stitches won’t unravel from the beginning. All the examples below show the most common coverstitching, a two needle arrangement, but the procedures are the same for one or three needle coverstitching, too.

/ Instruction ManualsFrom the home page, select the “Products” tab from the top menu, then “Instruction Manuals” from the drop down menu. This adjust- ment is suitable for either Narrow Overlock stitch or Rolled Edge stitch. To Do Rolled Edge Stitch This application rolls the edge of the fabric inside of the hem stitch. With a pin or seamripper, gently undo a few stitches so you’ve got enough length to hold onto, but don’t cut the threads. When you sew 2 layers together and pull them flat, the seam allowances are enclosed, so they do not stich out to fold to one side or the other. Stitch options include 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches. After selecting your model, you will see a list of PDF documents at the bottom of the page, including the Instruction Manual.

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