Google sketchup на русском инструкция

google sketchup на русском инструкция
Note that you have precise control over the length and the direction of the first edge. The more advanced tools in SketchUp are the resizing tool, the uniform tool, the curve tool, the follow me tool, the text tool, the angle tool, and the measuring tape tool. The pan tool lets you move the drawing left or right and up or down. It also allows you to do a combination of these actions. Программы для просмотра моделейПрограммы, которые позволяют как просматривать, так и создавать трехмерные модели. Also, until you select another tool or draw another rectangle, you can use the Measurements box to change a rectangle’s dimensions as many times as you like.

Steps 1 Begin by downloading a free copy of the software. This is self-evident but is clearly useful as it lets you change the position of any objects you’ve created. The arrow keys can help, as explained in the following table. You can distort shapes with the Move tool or scale all or part of your model. OS: WindowsMac. The way that you do this is by «pushing» or «pulling» a 2D shape into a 3D shape.

You can also orbit by clicking the ‘Orbit’ button on the top toolbar (it has two red arrows on it). 9 Move and rotate objects. SketchUp Reference SketchUp Model Inspector In the inspector of a imported SketchUp model, you will find several options. SketchUp работает только на компьютерах с операционной системой Windows® или Apple Mac OS X. Доступны две версии: бесплатная и версия SketchUp Pro по цене 495 долларов США. SketchUp Pro предоставляет профессиональные схемы и стили, расширенные операции с файлами и техническую поддержку. Here’s how: Context-click an edge (not the face) of a circle or polygon that you want to edit. Then select a color from the options that appear on the Select tab. Поле контроля параметров в правом нижнем углу рабочей области вместо многих окон предварительных настроек.

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