Caterpillar challenger mt 855 инструкция

You may have seen these articles in industry publications and they are available as printouts at all our Milton CAT locations. Интуитивно понятная и простая в использовании система управления One-Touch™ позволяет одновременно использовать несколько функций работы трактора и навесного оборудования нажатием всего одной кнопки. Auto-steering can either be activated by touching an on-screen button, or by depressing a switch on the armrest — it automatically deactivates when the steering wheel is moved. The MT800C Series is the only high horsepower track tractor that can be configured to accommodate row-crop work or be equally at home pulling large tillage tools and air seeding applications. You’ll also appreciate the industry-leading panoramic view, electronic dash and optional HID lighting. Важно отметить, что необходимая мощность обеспечивается при любых условиях.

All that power is transferred to the ground with our industry exclusive Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system. The simple to operate power management system ensures maximum efficiency while Mobil-trac makes short work of setting your gauge. Масса равномерно распределяется по широким и длинным гусеницам, за счет чего достигается великолепное сцепление, минимальное проскальзывание колес и меньшее уплотнение грунта. With updated hood styling and cab features, you’ll find that work is a lot more comfortable. Nothing comes close when you need to power through the toughest tillage applications without losing speed or torque. MT 800 E Series (450-590 Engine hp) — Track and Articulated Tractors. Модели MT800Е также доступны с тяговым брусом( с гидравлическим управлением) и грузами на раме гусеницы для обеспечения круговой стабилизации.
Build & Quote Request a Demo Find a Dealer Features: Performance Everyone talks horsepower, but true power comes from torque. Unless you’re committed to doing it right, S.O.S may be a waste of time and money. There is no intermittent windscreen wiper control either and the climate control settings are awkwardly placed on the rear pillar. All instructions below must be accompanied by the ECU4 Manual Supplement.

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